Real Cutz Sevices

Low Cut Fades | $15.00

Low cut fades are primarily cut low close to the shoup. The top of the head have a thin layer of hair that then fades out alone the sides of the head until there is no more hair.

Afro Cutz | $17.00

Afro cuts are shape completely round with or without tapers on the sides and back of head.

Facal Trim | $10.00

Clean cut trim for you mustash, beard, and goatee making you look professional and attractive to the ladies.

Hair Trim | $5.00

This will be just a trim/lining of the hair only.

Hair Cut Designs $10.00

I create custom styles for every head I cut or you can choose from any style I have available that fit you needs. You can also bring in a design you like and I will do my best to duplicate that design. No garantees on identical look but it will be close.

Combo Cutz | $25.00

Combo Cutz is a mixture of your standard cuts like Low cut fades and Afro cutz plus the hair trim. This does not include hair cut designs or facal trims.


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